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I have been developing for iOS devices for several years now, allowing me to be confident in my skills. With that said, I am reluctant to let those bars fill up, I think a person never stops learning, there is always something new waiting to be discovered.

During my career in this industry, I learnt several useful technologies: SQL, .NET, C++, Visual Basic, some Haskell and Assembler, Office Automation, OpenGL, Unity 3D, COM+, JSON, XML, Git, SVN, Design Patterns, Agile Development.

PS: I love doing what I do.

iOS Development




2016 - Present

Tradehelm Inc.

iOS Engineer

Maintenance and implementation of new features. Support for iWatch. Prototyping. Developed a virtual reality application for Google Cardboard.

Projects: CME Group application, Futures Institute application, CME Group Virtual Reality.

2014 - 2016


iOS Developer

Implementation of new features in AMC Theatres and Payless Shoestore applications (both available in the US App Store). Integrated multiple APIs from different providers into our working framework. Built functionality prototypes that later were offered to the clients to test and eventually include within the application. Added unit testing and performed code reviews.

Projects: AMC Theaters application, Payless ShoeSources. Company internal tools.

2012 - 2014


iOS Developer

Game development using UIKit. Implementation of new features for several games via a common framework used across all Etermax games. Integrated multiple APIs from different providers into our working framework. Added code reviews.

Projects: WordCrack, Aworded, BingoCrack, TriviaCrack.



iOS Developer

Games and applications development for iOS platform using Cocos2D and UIKit.

Projects: Jumpimals, Jewels of the Amazon, Rescue Safari.

2010 - 2012

Band of Coders

Senior Software Developer

Software development using the Unity3d engine and C#. Design and implementation of new features for one of the products.

Projects: Tail Towns, Amazing World, Jesus Film Project


Calidad de Vida Laboral

Software Developer / Platform Architect

Windows Mobile development of company's flag application. Technologies used include .NET, Web Services, Microsoft Windows Mobile, SQLite, JSON and XML.

Projects: GeeVee.

2006 - 2010


Software Architect

2009 - 2010

Designed and implemented an OPC Server monitoring application based on the company's main product, FlexAB. Technologies used include, Visual Basic 6, SQL Server, FlexAB, XML, TCP, OPC Automation, .NET, Windows Services, COM+, Microsoft Windows Mobile.

Team Lead

2008 - 2010

Managed a team consisting of four developers. Implemented Agile methodologies. Moved the team from a "version" release cycle to a sprint based development cycle with continuos improvement and delivery. Implemented API testing and wrote guidelines that eventually were the base for the QA process.

Software Developer

2006 - 2010

Design, development and maintenance of company's product. The system was developed in Visual Basic 6. Eventually some portions of it were migrated to .NET. The system was aimed to Business Analysts with little knowledge of programming, only SQL knowledge and basic OOP concepts. Among the technologies and tools used are XML, FTP, COM+, IIS, SQL Server 2000/2005, Windows Server, Install Shield, VB.Net, .Net Compact Framework, TCP/IP.

Projects: FlexAB.

2000 - 2006

Universidad de Buenos Aires

Computer Science

1993 - 1997

Instituto Privado Schönthal

Buenos Aires, Argentina

CME Group


CME Group VR


Futures Institute


AMC Theaters Logo

AMC Theaters*


Payless ShoeSource Logo

Payless ShoeSource**


* Worked up to version 4.1 ** No longer in the App Store.

Trivia Crack




Word Crack


Bingo Crack





Jewels of the Amazon

Jewels of the Amazon


Fluff Friends Rescue

Fluff Friends Rescue


Rescue Safari

Rescue Safari